VT2180 Custom Logo


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5.00 LBS
VT2180 Custom Logo

Personalize your amp

Custom Designs

Send us your band’s logo, or some sweet artwork, and our artists will etch it onto your enclosure. No logo? No problem. Our artists are more than happy to work with you to come up with something original and personal.

Two Ways to Play

The VTouch 2180 features two independent instrument inputs so you and a friend can jam together on separate channels, or you can use the stereo AUX mix-in input to play along with your music device. Or you can always play on your own and output to two channels. Your choice.

Low Distortion

Guitar and Bass amps have always focused on “enhancing” the sound of your instrument. With the popularity of effects processors, we see a need for amplifiers that work with rather than fight against these devices. Whether you want the cleanest sound from your guitar or the unvarnished sound of your effects processor, Vivid Amps delivers.

Small and Light

We know that when you’re on the road space is limited. That’s why we want to provide you with an amp that saves on space and doesn’t break your back while you’re hauling it.

American Made

We believe a great product can be made in America without compromising on quality or cost. Our products are designed and built in our Idaho facility. American parts and designs allow us to stand behind every part we make with our unsurpassed warranty. And it's the right thing to do.

30-Day Trial

We're offering thirty days to try out our amplifier. If you're not completely satisfied with the way it sounds we'll give you your money back.


Inputs: Two 1/4" TRS/TS balanced jacks
One 1/8" stereo jack
Outputs: Two 1/4" TS jacks, 180 watts RMS each (4ohms)
Dimensions:    8.2" x 8.45" x 3.2"
Weight:    3.5 lb.